Welcome! It’s time to make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual awakening with the mindset of spiritual wealth...

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If money is your goal… this is how you make more of it.  And feel good about it
If spiritual growth is your goal… this is how you transform money into a spiritual tool.  And grow exponentially from it.

My name is Dr. Joe Vitale, and I’m on a mission… to cause a movement… to create an awakening.

If you want a life of passion and meaning… this is how you empower yourself.

If you want to make an impact… this is how you equip yourself.

If you want to have BOTH wealth AND spiritual awakening… this is where you start.

I want you to join me, become an Awakened Millionaire, experience a life of passion and spirituality… FUSED with financial prosperity and true freedom.

If you think it sounds impossible… I CHALLENGE you to spend the next 7 days to experience an awakening.  I want to prove it to you.  But you have to join me to experience this transformation.

The Awakened Millionaire Secret:  Finally fuse money and spiritual growth… and you’ll make MORE money and experience MORE spiritual growth.  AT THE SAME TIME.

My life… and the lives of countless others… are living proof.

Not only can you have spiritual wealth…

Not only can you combine money and spiritual growth…


You and I likely haven’t met yet, but I’m truly honored to have you take the time to join us for this moment.

As you’ll see, this is a driving, thumping, unstoppable mission for me.  I am living and breathing this Awakened Millionaire Academy.

But it means nothing without people like you peeking in and seeing what this challenge is all about.

So, thank you for taking this moment with me.

Your challenge is simple:  Open yourself to a spiritual wealth awakening

If you struggle with money…

If you struggle with living the life you want to live...

If you struggle to unite money and your passion…

Then you MUST make a move.

Otherwise tomorrow, will look a lot like today and yesterday.

This is your time to awaken the spiritual wealth you deserve.

This is your time to taste the experience of the Awakened Millionaire Mindset

Tomorrow’s Awakening Will Be EPIC (think: new relationship with money)

Tomorrow I reveal secrets about money and spiritual wealth that took me 30 years (and a lot of struggle) to discover.

In a closed-door mastermind with students who payed thousands of dollars to attend, I revealed the 8 laws of Awakened Money.

If you want money… you have to understand how money comes to you (and how it runs away)

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Welcome back! Let’s completely *POP* your money bubble and introduce you to the 8 laws of Awakened Money

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After you watch the video above… consider this:

Maybe you sensed it intuitively, maybe it hit you over the head… but I will tell you from my own experience… when you finally GET what money actually is… and GET what money CAN be…

… Your entire life experience changes

… Your paradigm of wealth and prosperity upgrades

… Your ability to see and seize opportunity transforms

… And your ability to MAKE MONEY on PROFOUND LEVELS awakens.

It’s like finally seeing color in a black and white world.

THIS is the power of the Awakened Millionaire Mindset.

And while we go into more advanced strategies inside the Awakened Millionaire Academy, the video above alone can give you an awakening that you can’t unsee.

You can’t ignore the true face of money once you see it.

You can’t ignore the true power of money once you see it.

You are now one of the few who walk around seeing what this whole “money” and “wealth” thing is REALLY about.

And, as you can see from the video, it’s all rather simple.

Nothing crazy.

But worth its weight in gold…

Do you see it?

If not, watch the video again.  Make sure you get this.

TOMORROW: I’m lighting a fire under your...

Tomorrow I’m sending you a very personal video… where not only am I fired up, revved up, and inspired…

… but I have one big goal:

To light a fire under you, inside you, and all around you.

And in that fire, you’re going to discover one of the greatest secrets of success, both in your wealth and your spiritual growth, that’s directly related to how I finally overcame the deepest of my struggles to become who I am today.

10 years of poverty finally ended… because of what I’m sharing tomorrow.

So keep your eyes out for my email...


Ready? Here’s how I finally escaped my money struggles and awakened million-dollar, passion-driven opportunities (and how you can too)

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Are you a zombie?  Of course you aren’t.  

And that’s why, even if you don’t realize it yet, you are deeply connected with one of the ultimate powers of the Awakened Millionaire…


Whenever you get a great idea, where does it come from?  It’s impossible to say.

But that is a taste of inspiration in action.

And unless you’re a zombie, you’ve got ideas coming to you each and every day

And what do Awakened Millionaires do with inspiration?

Awakened Millionaires learn how to channel and expand inspiration

Awakened Millionaires know precisely how to transform inspiration into money and spiritual growth

Awakened Millionaires keep opening themselves to new levels of inspiration

Inspiration is the cure for procrastination

Inspiration is the cure for self-sabotage

Inspiration is the cure for fears of failure or success…

And following the inspiration is simple…

You go wherever the first step wants to take you.  And just as miraculously as that first inspired thought, your next step (and the one after… and the one after that) will keep coming.

Just follow the breadcrumbs...

This is the power of the Awakened Millionaire Mindset.

This is what happens when you step into the Awakened Millionaire lifestyle.

This is what the Awakened Millionaire Academy is all about.

Transforming you into an inspiration antennae… and showing you how to harness that to create unlimited spiritual wealth.

I want to ignite your passion.

I want to ignite your enthusiasm.

I want to ignite your action.

You don’t have to wait until you “see the big picture” or “know all the steps.”

That’s an inspiration-KILLER

Instead, simply follow the breadcrumbs your innate inspiration will leave for you…

The wealth will follow.  The passion will follow.  The next step will follow...

Do you see how powerful this is?

If so, leave a comment below and tell me why.

Here’s what’s coming tomorrow...

How do Awakened Millionaires come up with million-dollar ideas?

How do you open your mind so you can see money-making wealth opportunities?

How do you open your mind so you can see opportunities to make a difference?

There is one BIG step, one BIG awakening, that will take you there.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s email...



My Invitation For You...

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Ready? Here’s how I finally escaped my money struggles and awakened million-dollar, passion-driven opportunities (and how you can too)

How do Awakened Millionaires come up with million-dollar ideas?How do you open your mind so you can see money-making wealth opportunities?How do you open your mind so you can see opportunities to make a difference?During my deepest moments of struggle… when I looked around me and saw that certain people just knew how to “spot” the opportunity.

They could “spot” the money.

And when they acted on it, the money just came… because they already knew it was there.I realized that these people had a visionary consciousness.Like many people, I had a narrow-focus.  I saw only what was right in front of me.Even when I was desperate to escape my financial struggle… I still had only one thought.I wanted to be an author.  I wanted to make money selling my books.Little did I know that selling my books would be a small portion of how I built my passion-based fortune.And that’s what I want to pass on to you…

What does an Awakened Millionaire look like with this visionary consciousness?

For the Awakened Millionaire, this visionary consciousness is not just about money.For us, this visionary consciousness shows us opportunities to transform passion into profit.For us, this visionary consciousness shows us opportunities to make a difference.For us, this visionary consciousness shows us opportunities to expand our spiritual power.And yes, it also shows us opportunities to make money and achieve more financial freedom.

Here’s what you do now:

Follow my cue here:First, I always assume I am not seeing the COMPLETE picture.  I always assume there’s more opportunity to see.  I always assume there are more opportunities for inspiration to strike.I NEVER pretend like I see all the opportunities in front of me.  And as a result…I always remain open.  I am always “LISTENING.”  I am always “SEEING.”And in this state, opportunities emerge.  They just do.This is the power of the Awakened Millionaire Mindset.This is what the Awakened Millionaire Mindset allows you to experience.And this is why I’m so happy you’re joining me today.

Stay tuned for tomorrow...

Tomorrow, I’m going to reveal one of the most satisfying aspects of becoming an Awakened Millionaire.It is the secret to a feeling of contentment, self-actualization, fulfillment, and inner-peace…… as you’re making money and growing spiritually at the same time.It’s simple… and it’s the bestKeep a close eye for my email…Love,Joe.

It’s slightly impossible to explain… but this makes you more money (as it elevates your soul)

There are plenty of people who follow their own personal mission or “reason why” in life and DON’T make a lot of money…Following your mission, by itself, is not necessarily a formula for wealth.BUTWhen you combine the other elements of the Awakened Millionaire Mindset, some of which we’ve discussed already, something funny happens. Your mission, your serenity, your self-actualization… will drive up your financial success.How?I have theories, but I can’t explain it.But the “how” doesn’t matter… when it simply works.Again and again. Over and over.

Here’s the point

One of the dangers of this false war between money and our own spirituality is that we don’t reconcile our passion with our relationship with money.Too often, the old, broken understanding of money makes us believe there’s no way we can turn our passion into profit.It simply won’t work.And when we let our minds go there, this broken understanding locks it down and holds us back.No more.When equipped with the Awakened Millionaire Mindset, following your life mission is exactly how you amplify your income and live a life of serenity, meaning, and self-actualizationIn many ways, our own life mission… our greatest source of passion and purpose… is the ultimate expression of our spiritual selvesGo there… and you will find the serenity you deserve.Go there… and you will find the money-elevating, soul-empowering life of the Awakened Millionaire


My next video for you… It is important.  Because it’s the beginning of bringing this entire adventure together and making it into tangible next steps.I got revved up and inspired for this video.  Keep an eye out for my email...Love,Joe

Ditch The Struggle… Come Alive With Purpose: Activating The Awakened Millionaire Formula

If you’ve gone through all the previous awakenings and find yourself here, way to go! You’re kicking butt! So let’s dig into the big ideas from today’s awakening…

How to activate the Awakened Millionaire Formula: Soul + Money = More Soul + More Money

It is the reality of my life. It is the reality of the lives of all Awakened Millionaires. And when you join me, it will be your reality too. When you combine money and soul… you make MORE money and awaken MORE soul at the same time. But how do you unlock this formula?

Two ways…

FIRST… you must be at peace with both money and soul. You must move beyond the old paradigm of money being “evil” or “dirty.” You must heal your relationship with money. You must respect money, leverage money, appreciate money… but NOT love money! And you must be at peace with your soul. What does that mean? It means you’re in touch with your passion. It means you feel a sense of mission and purpose. It means that you don’t feel like your life is at odds with your own spiritual path. SECOND… to make this formula work (and to make life work), you have to follow your mission. What’s your mission? That’s for you to discover, if you don’t already know. But here’s a simple trick to start awakening to your own mission… what gets you excited? What brings you joy? What is your passion? What makes you happy? What fulfills you… This is the seed. And to transform that into a mission? Simply ask… how do I make my excitement, my joy, my passion, my happiness, and my fulfillment SIGNIFICANT? Ask yourself… how do I take all of that and use it to make an impact in the lives around me? THAT is when you become unstoppable. THAT is when you experience a whole new realm of self worth THAT is when you live life with no regrets

THAT is when you are in tune with the Awakened Millionaire’s Formula…

And if you’re not there? Don’t worry. You can and will get there. But you can’t force it… You have to LISTEN to the voices inside you. You have to LISTEN to your intuition. You have to LISTEN to what fills you with joy, passion, and fulfillment. And with that you will find your way.

NEXT: The Ultimate Fire Is Lit…

Tomorrow, I’m bringing you a new fire to light underneath you. Tomorrow I want to transform you into a bottle-rocket that shoots for the sky when lit on fire. Tomorrow I want to pump you with so much passion, so much excitement, and so much drive, that you truly become impossible. And tomorrow I want to show you what the next step is on your journey to become an Awakened Millionaire. And the awakening that comes tomorrow will be profound… simply to feel the fire burning within you on a whole new level is enough to awaken whole new sides of you hidden within you... Stay tuned… Love,